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Personalized Cleaning Service Typical Check List of House Cleaning Services

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Have you noticed that all house cleaning services do a great job on that first cleaning? But do they keep that same consistency month after month. We do because we value your business and you are working with the owners!

This is an example of a personalized house cleaning checklist. We do much more than this in our basic cleaning. In our first visit we do a deep cleaning. Call us to get a quick quote based on your exact cleaning preferences. Then relax, we'll make sure every cleaning is done right, guaranteed.


  • Take out Dirty Towels, and Rugs
  • Pick Up Trash and Empty Trash Cans
  • Vacuum Floors – High Quality HEPA Vacuum
  • Clean Counter Tops and Mirrors
  • Use Antibacterial for Countertops
  • Clean Sinks and Shine Chrome
  • Disinfect Toilets
  • Scrub Bathtub and Shower
  • Remove Mildew and Dirt from Shower
  • Wipe Down Walls, Cabinets, and Doors
  • Clean Baseboards
  • Wash Floors by Hand
  • Dry Floors; Clean and Replace Rugs


  • Refrigerator Clean Outside (Inside as Requested)
  • Stove Clean Outside (Inside as Requested)
  • Microwave Oven - Clean inside & Outside
  • Empty Dishwasher – Fill Dishwasher
  • Dishwasher - Outside
  • Clean and Sanitize Sink and Counter Tops
  • Glass, Chrome, Stainless Steel - Clean & Polish
  • Wet Clean and Polish Cabinets (Inside as Requested)
  • Floor – HEPA Vacuum with Brush Accessory
  • Floor- Mop with Disinfectant Cleaner for Specific Floor Type
  • Empty Trash Cans and Replace Trash Bag
  • Clean and Polish Trash Cans


  • Organize & Detail
  • Change Linens and Make Beds
  • Wash, Dust Base Boards and Trim
  • Dust Windowsills
  • Dust Frames and Knickknacks
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Dust Lamps, Furniture, Woodwork, and Shelves
  • HEPA Vacuum Carpets and Hardwood Floors
  • Mop Hardwood Floors
  • Vacuum Furniture, Under Seat Cushions
  • Empty and Clean Ashtrays and Wastebaskets
  • Clean Mirrors


  • Sweep - Vacuum Garage
  • Clean Widow Sashes
  • Polish Silver
  • Wax Hardwood Floors
  • Clean Inside Pantry Cabinets - Install Shelf Liners
  • Interior Windows Cleaned
  • Oven Interior Clean/Degrease
  • Green Cleaning with Non-Toxic Professional Products
  • Other on Request
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